COVID-19 Prevention & Infection Control

The safety of our patients and team has always been a priority at Two Rivers Dentistry. Our dentist and team strive to meet and exceed federal, state and local guidelines so that you can feel confident in every visit to our office.

Currently, all patients enter our office using a mask and only take them off for treatment. We take their temperature using a forehead laser probe then document all the questions asked to make sure no one is sick; patients then sign a release. We have purchased UV/air cleaners in each operatory and are instituting more stringent, hospital-grade sterilization of the office. We are using a product called Biosurf in a bag, which is the only product on the market proven to kill all viruses and bacteria within minutes, and we use fresh bags each day so it does not degrade. We are wearing more PPE than we used to, including masks that filter more and face shields, gowns and hair coverings. It does tend to get a little hot, and we have had to increase our air conditioning during the summer months to stay comfortable. In addition, we have removed all magazines and toys in our waiting room and have had patients wait in their car if possible, to maintain social distancing.

If you have questions or concerns about our infection control and COVID-19 prevention measures in Vancouver, Washington, or want to meet with Dr. Vaughn Teuscher, feel free to contact our office at 360-256-1202.