Dental Bridges

Even a single missing tooth can lead to issues for your smile. Missing teeth make it harder for you to perform basic oral functions and can eventually lead to damage of your remaining teeth. Instead of compensating for an incomplete smile, call Two Rivers Dentistry at 360-256-1202. Our dentist, Dr. Vaughn Teuscher, can fill in that space in your smile with a dental bridge in Vancouver, Washington.

Dental bridges are reliable restorations that use the strength of your remaining teeth to help fill in gaps in your smile. A single tooth or several teeth in a row can be replaced with a bridge, restoring your ability to eat, speak and smile with confidence. Bridges are anchored by dental crowns on either side of the gap in your smile, making sure the bridge does not come loose. Bridges can also be anchored with one or more dental implants.

Dental bridges have many benefits, including:

  • Keeping the rest of your teeth in position
  • Strengthening your ability to eat and speak
  • Simplicity of treatment
  • Ability to replace a partial denture with a permanent restoration

When you receive a dental bridge, we will typically take two appointments to make sure your restoration fits perfectly. During the first, we will prepare the adjacent teeth to receive the bridge and take measurements to create it. Once it is complete, you will come back, and our dentist and team will fit it and bond the bridge into place.

If you would like to learn more, contact our office today!