Teeth Whitening Treatments

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It is normal for teeth to become more yellow with age, but some people have more of a problem with this than others. Those who smoke, drink a lot of coffee or take certain prescription medications may feel especially dissatisfied with the appearance of their teeth. Professional teeth whitening is an easy way to correct this problem. Whether you choose to complete the process at home or at our office with Dr. Teuscher, your teeth can appear up to several shades brighter.

Professional teeth whitening may be the answer for you if you have any of these issues:

  • Your teeth are stained a brown or yellow color and no over-the-counter product you have tried improves the problem
  • The enamel on the outer side of your teeth appears to be breaking down
  • You received frequent fluoride treatment as a child and now have an oral health condition called fluorosis
  • You notice staining on your teeth after using any type of tetracycline medication

Whitening Your Teeth at Home

The reason most drugstore teeth whitening remedies do not work is that they are generic and not customized to each person’s specific tooth discoloration issues. Dr. Teuscher will have you come in for two appointments during this process to ensure the best possible results. During your first appointment, we will use a dental mold to take an impression of your upper and lower teeth as well as your jaws. We then send the completed mold to our laboratory so our technicians can create clear plastic trays to hold the bleaching gel. These trays are customized to fit in your mouth comfortably.

A member of our administrative team will contact you to schedule another appointment once our laboratory technicians have finished your customized trays. Our dentist will make sure that they fit properly and make any adjustments if necessary. We will then send you home with a teeth whitening kit and the trays. You will achieve the best results if you wear the mouth trays for at least 30 minutes two or more times per day. Plan to wear them more often if your teeth are badly stained and you want to see results as soon as possible.

Teeth Whitening Options in Our Office

The take-home teeth whitening kit is the more economical option, but it also takes longer for your teeth to be noticeably whiter. When Dr. Teuscher and our team perform teeth whitening in our office, you can walk out an hour later with teeth several shades brighter. Our dentist can use a combination of a bleaching agent and a specialized curing light to provide you with these dramatic results. The carbamide and hydrogen peroxide present in this bleaching agent goes beyond surface stains to remove deeply set stains as well. This makes the effect of the treatment last longer. We are happy to help you evaluate your options for professional teeth whitening.