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Sometimes it is good to just get out and enjoy life sometimes. My son was in Cambridge, England doing a study abroad and was heavily involved in the course work when, one weekend, he and a friend decided to go all the way out to Cornwall, England and enjoy the beaches which are warm from the Atlantic current in that area. One can really see the enjoyment on his face while body surfing and his healthy, happy smile. In dentistry, we see a lot of sadness when people come in with damage to their smile and many people just don’t smile anymore. Sometimes it is neglect and I have seen total transformations of people who, through restorative dentistry and preventative care, are able to smile again. We can literally give them back their smile. I am making dentures for someone currently who has been going toothless for many years and I am excited to see the smile on his face next week when we try the new smile in and see the expression on his face. Many people have been wearing removable appliances and when we can put something in there that is fixed like their original teeth, they usually have a big smile on their face. Many teeth are damaged due to accidents, trauma or wear and we can provide niteguards, dayguards, sports mouthguards, or splints to help with the jaw joint that is sore from clenching or grinding. We can also provide Clear-lock retainers for life for patients that lost their retainer and want to keep their teeth straight and not let the investment in orthodontics go to waste or use Clear Aligner therapy for simple corrections of the anterior six teeth. For other cosmetic problems veneers or no prep veneers, thin porcelain shells bonded on the teeth might be the way to go. The key is to restore that winning smile and then protect that smile for life. Only then can one have the true joy of life as shown here on the face of my son. Give us a call at 360-256-1202 to see if modern dentistry can help you achieve that winning smile.