A Comprehensive Guide to Better Dental Health for Seniors

Dr. Vaughn Teuscher recently came across this article that helps seniors understand how to achieve a healthy, appealing smile and wanted to share it with our patients to deepen their understanding of better dental health. "Adults have fond memories of walking into their grandparents’ bedroom as children, only to see grandma’s teeth in a cup by her bedside table. This... read more »

The Benefits of Topical Fluoride Treatment

After more than 30 years, we recently were forced to replace our deck on our back patio. We knew it was bad when the deck gave way at our eldest daughter’s wedding reception as more than 50 people rushed out to witness the cutting of the cake, dropping more than a few feet, it was lucky no one was injured.... read more »


With the exception of a few rare conditions, most all of us are born with a healthy layer of enamel on our teeth. As one of the hardest substances known to man, enamel provides protection, aesthetic beauty, and unparalleled strength; as such, it is very hard to replicate or replace.  Because there are no living cells in enamel, once it... read more »