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Niteguards, Sports Guards, and Splints


Many of us brux, grind, or clench our teeth together without knowing it. Whether we are under stress during the day or sleeping at night, it can really damage the teeth.

One of the biggest problems we see is severe wear on the teeth where we can literally grind them down to stumps. The damage is irreversible. The best way to prevent tooth wear is to wear a niteguard to protect the teeth and prevent further wear.

Many people snore and suffer from sleep apnea where the breathing may stop during sleep, this may be accompanied by bruxing or grinding of the teeth. A Board Certified sleep specialist can help to diagnose this and prescribe a CPAP machine to get the needed oxygen or a dental appliance to open up the airway and help get a good nights sleep.

Sports Guards

A sports guard can do wonders to protect the healthy teeth from injury in a sports related accident.


If you have had trauma to the jaw or jaw problems, sometimes a splint will help take the pressure off the jaw joint and help it to heal. 


You may have forgot to wear your retainer and it doesn't fit anymore and your teeth are drifting and moving.  You may have lost your retainer and it may have broken.  We can make you two, four, or six clear-lock retainers and include a digital file storage of the models for 30 years.  If you need a new retainer, we can just print it out without taking a new impression.  

If you have any questions, please contact us or send a message to set up an appointment.

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