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CariFree Anticavity Treatment

New way to prevent cavities before they start.

Tooth decay is mainly caused by a bacterial infection on the teeth. Our office is on the cutting edge of dentistry by practicing CAMBRA, which stands for "caries management by risk assessment."  Instead of simply treating symptoms by filling cavities, we can identify the risk factors and prescribe a simple treatment program at home to stop the infection before it causes damage to the teeth. We use the CariFree system ( which consists of a series of mouth rinses to reduce the bacterial levels on your teeth, giving you a better chance of avoiding future dental decay. It's that simple.

If you have visible cavities, white spots, cavities showing on a Xray, or cavities in the last 3 years you are at high risk for developing cavities in the future.  The CariFree treatment rinse is a two part rinse that kills the harmful destructive bacteria on your teeth.  It has an elevated pH that is designed to offset the acidic condition of the infection.  This is followed by the CariFree Maintenence Rinse which is designed to create an environment in your mouth which prevents the destructive bacteria from re-establishing itself.  It also has an elevated pH which promotes a healthy oral environment. We may also recommend ClinPro 5000 which is a prescription strength toothpaste with 5000 ppm fluoride and an innovative Tri-Calcium Phosphate formula for remineralization of the teeth and added protection.  MI Paste is another unique formula that is found to remineralize the teeth.  Other treatments may be recommended such as fluoride varnish applications, xylitol, and dry mouth products etc. to further help combat this disease depending on the level of risk. 

Even if you brush, floss, and visit your dentist regularly, harmful levels of the decay-causing bacteria may still be present.  Studies show that it can be transmitted to other member of your household.  If left untreated if can lead to more cavities, crowns, bridges, root canals, and ultimately leading to ... tooth loss... 

If you would like to prevent this downward spiral from occuring or would just like to protect the dentistry that you have, contact our office for a free assessment that only takes a few minutes and treatment can begin the same day.  If you have any questions email our office or call for an appointment.