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I was listening to the radio the other day about an analogy of a hole in the bucket. An economist was describing the problems with the economy of his home country and ways to fix it. He went around the country showing a power point slide of a bucket with numerous holes in it letting water out to relate to the problems and fixes that needed to occur. The more holes in the bucket, the faster the water pours out and more difficult to fix. Similarly, the more teeth we lose, the more problems with our bite, smile, health, and ability to properly digest our food. We now have more ways to replace missing teeth than ever before. If there is enough bone, the best way is with an implant, a titanium post placed into the jawbone and allowed to integrate for a period of time, then restored when all is healed with an abuttment and crown. It is the closest thing that resembles our natural tooth and is highly successful. We can also attach bridges and dentures and entire arches to implants. If implants can not be placed, a fixed bridge could be the solution and has its advantages and disadvantages. There are other ways such as a removable appliance like a partial denture or full denture. By replacing missing teeth, the arch form is restored, the teeth don’t drift, the bite is healthy and the ability to chew, smile and enjoy life is maximized to the fullest. If you have any questions about your missing teeth call us at 360-256-1202.