A Comprehensive Guide to Better Dental Health for Seniors

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Dr. Vaughn Teuscher recently came across this article that helps seniors understand how to achieve a healthy, appealing smile and wanted to share it with our patients to deepen their understanding of better dental health.

“Adults have fond memories of walking into their grandparents’ bedroom as children, only to see grandma’s teeth in a cup by her bedside table. This common scenario leads to many interesting questions from young children, but it also hides a serious health concern. While dentures can be common in some older adults, they are more than just a funny family story. They’re a sign that older adults are at greater risk for oral health problems like tooth decay and loss.”

“Oral health is about more than just aesthetics and the ability to eat. Gum disease and tooth decay actually increase the risk of other health problems, including cardiovascular disease and bacterial infections. Sadly, over half of all older adults, 68% to be exact, suffer from gum disease, and nearly 20% have untreated cavities. Oral health and the resulting health problems are serious risks for older adults.”

“This guide explores some of the reasons seniors are at such high risk for oral health problems. It also looks at solutions to some of those problems, while giving tips on dental hygiene for older adults. Finally, it provides a list of low-cost resources for seniors who cannot afford dental care.”

Seniors and the Risk for Oral Health Problems

“Older adults face unique challenges that make it harder for them to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Yet without proper dental care, they’re at higher risk for serious medical issues beyond just the teeth and gums. Understanding these risk factors may help you find ways to overcome them as you assist the senior in your life in embracing good oral health.”

Full Article:
Seniors and Dental Health: A Comprehensive Guide to a Healthy Mouth