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My Dental Philosophy

Last weekend I took a strenous 9 mile hike to Comet Falls on Mt. Ranier and up to Van Trump Park.  The Wildflowers were out in force and the views of the mountain from Van Trump Glacier were extraordinary.  I felt to sing "The Hills are Alive" from the Sound of Music as my daughter and I wound our way up the unmarked trail to the base of the glacier.  I took in the beauty of the area and felt blessed to be in this spot where there were no other people around compared to the Paradise area where it felt like Disneyland with all the tourists and hordes of people.   It made me think of my philosophy of dentistry as I pondered over how God was able to create such a beautiful park setting as Mt. Ranier.  I know I can't match his talents in restoring the dentition, but my goal is to get as close to what God gave us as possible.  .  We can now do this with dental implants.  We still have the option of taking away tooth structure and doing a 3 unit solution to a one unit problem with a bridge or a denture, but now we can restore the root back with an implant and get the near perfect result with a high degree of success restoring the tooth back to the way it was.  This wasn't really an option when I was in dental school.  I have 3 additional principles I like to follow in my philosophy in addition to restoring as close to what God gave us.  These are to make it look good, last a long time, and to have you comfortable both during and after the procedure.  These four principles I like to follow give us a pretty nice result. If these philosophies resonate with you, we would like to be your dentist in Vancouver, Washington.  Many of our patients have been so pleased they are referring their family and friends and I can sleep at night knowing that much of my work should last until long after I am gone.