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Healthy smiles may save your life

Consider the lilies of the field in this photograph taken by my son this week near Nazareth in Israel.  Just like these lilies we have been given these wonderful bodies which are truly amazing and the more we take care of them, the more happier we will be.  We will also live a longer life according to a recent study focusing on the health of our mouths.  According to the study women past the age of menopause with gum disease or missing teeth were more likely to suffer premature death.  I'm sure this is true with all people, not just women.  For the study, HealthDay (3/29, Preidt) reports that investigators “tracked data on more than 57,000 women aged 55 and older.” The researchers found that “a history of gum disease was associated with a 12 percent higher risk of death from any cause.” In addition, researchers found that loss of natural teeth was associated with “a 17 percent increased risk of death from any cause.”   It is an interesting finding and goes to prove that if we have all our teeth and there is no infection or problems, we are more likely to smile, be happy and be able to eat better and live healthier longer lives.  Gum disease, in particular, can be rapid or very slow and insidious and all of a sudden if we find out we have lost bone, it will not grow back and it may be too late before it is only a matter of time before the teeth just fall out. Once the teeth are gone it can be very expensive to replace them or we may have to resort to a denture which is not as good as our natural teeth.  Even implants may not have as good a prognosis with a history of gum disease.  The best way to keep a healthy mouth and prevent these problems is to get in for regular preventative check ups and maintenance cleanings and stay on top of it.  We have wonderful hygienists who are very caring and professional in helping maintain a healthy mouth.  Let us know if you have any concerns or questions about gum disease and about keeping your teeth for a lifetime which hopefully will be for a very long time!